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Mission Statement

The duty of a painter is to guide their clients in the best way to protect and beautify their homes.  After decades, and multiple generations of experience, Center Line Painting has established systems that work for meeting those needs.  1. Ensuring the coating and application techniques are durable and within budget  2. Ensuring the scope of work is creating the environment the homeowner is desiring.  

The company was created by the owner with the intent to give back for all that he had received throughout his life and to create something new and different.  We wish to provide our service to others in that spirit of gratitude.  The procedures and techniques are a mixture of many different influences from mentors, friends, personal experience, and present day educational materials that have been there to support the growth of the company.  We spend countless hours on continuing education and refining time honored practices in the trade.  All of this is integrated and given in reciprocity to clients seeking to update, renovate, renew, protect and beautify their homes. 

Whenever we are too busy or simply not available to complete a project, we're happy to refer you to a friend that's available for the work.  Over the years we've established relationships with area contractors to help accomplish any project you're seeking to do, especially painting!  Feel free to reach out and we'd be happy to assist.  

What's in a name?


Center Line Painting is not only about painting.  The name is also referring to a point in martial arts called the center line.  This line is also referenced in chinese medicine and even in yogic practices .  So what's that have to do with painting?  Part of what the center line represents is the point of balance.  A healthy center of attention.  We want our job sites to be a harmonious environment.  This takes hard work to fulfill our commitments with every home owner, or contractor and do the right thing. This also reflects the owners life outside of work where he spends a lot of time focused on not-for-profit, community building projects.  


About Josh

The owner, Josh Babbish, is a third generation home improvement contractor who has dedicated his last 7 years to the creation of Center Line Painting.  As part of the service, he commits support clients of the past, present and future.  His joy is in the absolute focus, diligent consideration and discernment required in serving others in often highly demanding and even dangerous circumstances.  He has a deep love for the environment and clean living.  He is also committed to working with a local non-profit that assists indigenous people still living with the original ways of environmental stewardship and also educates others interested in these original ways of being.  

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