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Interior & Exterior Painting

We specialize in what we will call “full spectrum painting services.”  We do just about any kind of painting work, so long as it isn't a fire or safety hazard in your home.  The Motto of the painter is “to protect, beautify, and maintain all surfaces.” We take that seriously and utilize the industries best practices to achieve that goal.

Deck staining Asheville
Interior Painting Asheville

Keeping things Clean 

Part of our commitment to integrity is keeping clean jobsites.  So yes, our edges or cut lines are painted sharp, but just as significant is that we won't mess up your stove and plumbing lines with drywall dust or mud...we aren't going to recklessly mess up your landscaping as we paint your Exterior...and your hardwood floors will be protected! We have an "air Scrubber" too!  So if we're are spraying or doing excessive sanding, there is an air filter picking up all the muck going in the air and not getting everything under the sun covered in dust.   

Clean feet popcorn removal Asheville

Quality Standards You Can Trust


There are often very important micro-details that can make or break the longevity of a project. Whatever your needs may be we want you to know that we care and have done the legwork to ensure success. Years of rigorous training, discovery, and implementation have given our company "engineer-like" specificity in the recommendations and procedures we offer.  Best practices affirm what is best to do, and we hold ourselves fully accountable to those standards with every job we take.  

Communication and Customer Service

It's fairly common knowledge that communication and professionalism in the residential painting and construction industry is pretty hard to come by.  From our first meeting you will find that we do everything we can to discover exactly what it is you are seeking and share how we feel we can accomplish the project. We take the time to discuss step by step how things will be done, in what kind of time frame to expect, and the longevity and maintenance that will be required.

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