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Center Line Painting is here to help with your upcoming drywall projects. 

Mold removal, containment, and abation; water leak tape repairs; shifting house cracks; matching texture, punched walls, your daughters boyfriend was hiding in the attic and his foot went through the ceiling drywall.....  You name it, we have experience with it and want to ensure your project is done well!


The #1 thing we've found with our drywall projects is that dust containment is critical!  We want your household clean and running just as much as you do so we take numerous steps to ensure that the mess stays as contained as possible.  This goes for mold removal, too.  Whenever we open up a moldy ceiling, or whatever it may be, we ensure that the spores won't be traveling to other rooms with barrier systems, and when necessary--negative pressure ventilation.  While drywall can take many visits, it's super messy, and we leave caked in white powder junk, it's something we love to do and totally helps mix things up from painting everyday. 


Contact us today to see how we can help you get your project done!!

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