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An Era of Asheville Housing Coming to an End.

Updated: Feb 15

When I first came to Asheville, things were much more humble. Housing was roughly $100K for a standard ranch home, sometimes less, sometimes more. Those were the days, huh? A lot has changed since then, in some ways for the better.

For me, I didn't come here to cash in for a nice place. I came here for the nice environment to live in.

There has been an influx of money poured into our communities. The magic of the place has received massive international attention due to some things that have always made Asheville special- the environment and also the creativity and spirit of the residents. That's what drew me here. Of course there is the attention from the brew scene which is a little controversial amidst many residents old and new.

Along with the age of cheap housing coming to an end, so too the age of

crappy houses is coming to an end! That was always a curiousity to me when I first came around. Why don't you pressure wash your house? Why's this look so run down? A large swath of west asheville was completely derelict if my memory serves me. Well, I'm thankful that since our company has been serving this area, we've been part of shifting that. I'd say a majority of the houses here were in not-so-good shape 15-20 years ago. Now it's the minority!

Interior and exterior peeling paint, algae taking command of house exteriors,

interior humidity issues, air leaks, water leaks, out of control landscaping- so many things really to look out for in old homes. I'm incredibly appreciative to my community for the trust given me to help correct, remediate, remodel, paint, clean, stain, varnish...So many things!

**An exaggeration, but you get the point!

The next time you're investigating how to complete a project please feel free to reach out for an estimate. Hopefully we'll be able to connect and establish a business relationship. And, if we aren't available, perhaps we know someone trusted and established in the community that will be able to assist.

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